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(Français) Le MAGE DSP II est un module électronique de contrôle de groupe électrogène. Le MAGE DSP II est issu de la première génération d’automatisme numérique MAGE DSP, plus compact et utilisant les dernières technologies numériques industrielles.

Special Applications

2H ENERGY is able to supply specific equipments and solutions in the following fields: Health Water Mass-market retailing Telecoms Airports See section “Turnkey“ Marine Serviceman Nuclear power Oil / gas See section “Our markets”


This first generation product is entirely digital. More information: Download technical sheet: MAGE DSP    

Compact MAGE

(Français) Cet automatisme permet un fonctionnement automatique d'un groupe électrogène.


Power Plants «Plug and Play» Supply of turnkey installations comprising: Generating sets (up to 16 gensets in parallel) Coupling with the mains Implementation in compliance with environmental and technical standards (soundproofed, exhaust treatment) LV or HV coupling and distribution Installations adapted to site conditions For example: refer to “applications“ 2H ENERGY offers maintenance contracts (24 […]
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