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Converter on wheels

Used as power supply for maintenance of the aircrafts while they are on the ground : 115/200V – 400 Hz 10/40VDC 28,5VDC 400V/230V 3 phases 50Hz 26V 400Hz single phase Request of product sheet:

VAB 5 kW 28VDC integrable gensets

5 kW 28VDC gensets for supplying air conditionning compressors and equipment programs with electrical current. operating Temperature : – 32°C up to + 49°C. Request of product sheet:

Genset on mobile carriage

Mobile soundproofed genset used to supply aircrafts while they are on the ground with power supply 115/200V 400Hz 45 kW Operating temperatures: – 30°C to + 50°C Altitude : up to 1500 meters / 35°C Request of product sheet:

Cable drum

Used for Hertzian connection transmitter Operating temperature : – 40°C to + 50°C Storage temperature : – 40°C to + 70°C Watertightness to 80 bars water jet Transportable by road, sea and air Protected against EMI and lightning Request of product sheet:
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