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90kW 400Hz genset on mobile carriage

Mobile soundproofed genset used to supply aircrafts while they are on the ground with power supply 115/200V 400Hz The set is built on a double-axis trailer frame with four 18×7 wheels and a parking brake by raising or lowering a draw bar The 400Hz distribution is through 2x10m long cables with a standard aviation socket […]

50 kW 230/400V 50Hz gensets in container

Gensets in containers used as continuous power supply or automatics stand-by. Operating température -20°C up to 50°C. Relative humidity 100% Dusty, salty and tropical atmosphere Request of product sheet:

100 kW 230/400V 50Hz gensets in container

100 kW gensets in containers used for the supply of military telecommunication systems with electrical current. Transfer switch with Programmable Logic Controller MAGE Sound level : 65 dbA at 1 meter Operating conditions – 25°C up to + 42°C Request of product sheet :
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